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CVPR 2019 Tutorial – Towards Relightable Volumetric Performance Capture of Humans

We are excited to present at CVPR 2019 our research work on Relightable Volumetric Performance Capture of Humans. Do not miss our tutorial! June 16th – Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, Room 201A. You can find the complete program at: […]

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Fusion4D: the core of Holoportation

We are excited to share our work on real-time non-rigid reconstruction: Fusion4D. Our method is able to model 3D shapes with high level of details and it does not make assumptions on the objects of interest. We will present this […]

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Meet our dream team!

We are excited to present our founding team members at perceptiveIO. We have very diverse skill sets from hardware to UX design.  I feel really proud to be part of this dream team! I can’t wait to share our vision with […]

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HyperDepth and Global Patch Collider at CVPR 2016

We’re excited to share some up and coming papers we will be presenting at this year’s CVPR 2016 in Las Vegas (June 26th – July 1st)! HyperDepth is a breakthrough for depth estimation using structured light. We cast the stereo […]

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Hail perceptiveIO!

After 3 amazing years at Microsoft Research Redmond and Cambridge I decided to take the next big step in my research career. I am joining perceptiveIO, Inc. as a Senior Scientist and Founding Team Member! I am looking forward to starting […]

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Interview with LaC TV

I have been interviewed by LaC TV during the show “La Nostra Domenica”. I talked about my research career and the latest projects we are working on, including Holoportation. It was an amazing experience and it was great to see the […]

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FlexCase: a smart cover for your phone

I am glad to see that our FlexCase project has been picked up by Gizmodo and! FlexCase is a novel flip cover for smartphones, which brings flexible input and output capabilities to existing mobile phones. It combines an e-paper display […]

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Holoportation: the era of 3D communications and living memories is here!

Today we show Holoportation‬ to the world! The era of 3D communications and living memories is here! We can Holoport‬ people everywhere, record the whole session and live our memories later on, whenever we want! Imagine being able to teleport […]

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We have amazing papers coming out soon! 2 CVPR papers  HyperDepth: Learning Depth from Structured Light Without Matching – S.R. Fanello, C. Rhemann, V. Tankovich, A. Kowdle, S. Orts Escolano, D. Kim, S. Izadi. In CVPR 2016 (Oral). The Global Patch […]

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Summer 2016: Looking for interns!

We are looking for intern candidates to tackle new and exciting computer vision problems! Ideal candidates are PhD students with very good expertise in one (or more) of the following topics: depth sensing, multipath correction, random forest, non-rigid reconstruction and deep learning. Also very […]

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